About Omne Bröd

A long history of innovation and quality

We are a business, driven by a genuine interest in producing bread of the highest quality. The bakerys’ operations are based on technology development and hard work.

For almost 80 years we have baked tasty bread under our own and others’ brands. Our history started in 1945 and is part of who we are today, a well-established company with long experience of bread production. Omne Bröd AB is part of Profura Group.

Our history of thinking new, backed by our tradition

1940s – Where it all begins

At home in his workshop Arvid Nordin secretly builds a machine that makes flatbread. The first of its kind. In February 1945, the first machine-baked flatbread was packaged for delivery. This is where the company has its beginning. The demand for machine-baked flatbread is increasing and already in 1948 another line for flatbread is built.

1950s – Times of change

To ensure the availability of packaging investments are made in our own board production. Arvid is involved in founding and engaging in the partner organization Sveriges tunnbrödsfabrikanter.

1960s – Product development

In the early 1960s soft bread had a breakthrough. The first Omnekakan was made in 1963. A few years later a fourth production line is built. Arvid leaves the company, and a new generation takes over.

1970s – A modernized bakery

Investments are made in a new and highly modern flatbread line from Holland. A new packing machine is developed and built. In addition to that, a new bakery line for soft bread is installed.

1980s – Early digitalization

In early 1980s, all the administration is computerized.
The “Dutch Line” is rebuilt for thicker flatbread and a new brand, Mobackens, is created for the bakery’s own products. Polarbröd buys Omne Bröd in 1987.
The bakery makes its first investment in freezing soft bread.

1990s – An increasing production

The new freezing technology makes it possible for Omne Bröd to reach a larger market both within and outside of Sweden. Production is steadily increasing.

2000s – A new line for soft bread

A new production line, with higher capacity for soft bread, replaces one of the old lines in 2003. The bakery takes new focus in dark portion bread and the demand for the company’s new range increases dramatically. A completely new production line, that doubles the capacity, is therefore inaugurated in 2009.
The bakery is certified to BRC and KRAV.  

2010s – From now on…

Today the Gothenburg-based Profura Group owns the company. In addition to soft bread, buns are also produced. The bakery has started to manufacture products for other brands.

The staff is everything

We want to be a place that you stay and work at for a long time. Therefore we take extra care of each other.

Do you want to be one of us?