Assortment of bread

We produce everything from coffee buns to nutritious and tasty portion breads

A tasty piece of bread for the sandwich, or gild the hamburger with a delicious bread? We produce everything from coffee buns to nutritious and tasty portion breads. We have a mixed range based on our customers’ wishes and needs. If you do not find what you need in the existing range, we are open to creating the product you want. The bakery is nut, sesame and milk free.

A selection of our products

Coffee bread

It smells like freshly baked cinnamon buns around our product lines. Do you want to sell classic buns or offer your customers something completely new? With our help you can offer really good coffee bread – the way you want to.

Bread in food

The bread that makes a dish complete. We have a good range of breads for food, such as hamburger bread, and more. We also have our own sourdough production. Sourdough gives the bread a characteristic taste and longer durability.

Portion bread

We produce good and healthy portion breads, both light and dark, in different sizes. You can choose from sliced or unsliced bread. We create solutions for food service and industry. And we are partners to established brands. All products are milk, nut and sesame free.

New product?

Do you have ideas for new bread products? One of our strengths is our flexibility. We are not afraid to take on new challenges. Recipe, quantity, existing ingredients – together we can develop your assortment. Please contact us for more information.